Export – Import

China – Europe Cooperation and Development Center Ltd. is also actively engaged in import and export of goods between the Czech Republic and China. Represents, by written mandate, important companies with a long tradition, not only from the Olomouc region, but also from the Czech Republic in trade negotiations with a view to establishing long-term business cooperation.
China – Europe Cooperation and Development Center Ltd. also continuously ensures various kinds of commodities, which then together in one container shipped to your dealership in Fuzhou, where they are offered and thus sold in the showroom. It is the most effective and quickest way to bring diverse Chinese market new goods and thus gradually reach out and offer cooperation to local retail chains and retailers.
Some of the following commodities are already shipped to China and other intensive negotiations for the establishment of cooperation.
• Baby Water
• Sunflower oil
• Energy drinks
• High quality Czech wines
• Beer
• Pasta
• Long life milk
• High quality roasted coffee
• Flour
• Traditional Czech pottery and porcelain