Roundtable approached the possibility of cooperation with partner regions of Olomouc region

Thursday 22 January at the headquarters of the Olomouc Region met representatives of important institutions that contribute to the economic development of the region. The main topic of the round table, which was initiated by the Governor of the Olomouc Region Jiří Rozbořil was to introduce the possibility of development of business activities in the partner regions of Olomouc region. The aim was to develop concrete steps to inform entrepreneurs and their involvement in international cooperation.

“We want to open our doors to businesses and entrepreneurs to cooperate with other regions of the region,” said Governor Jíří Rozbořil. “That’s why I organized a round table with the main actors of economic development in the region, I met with the results of successful foreign trips into Chinese provinces of Yunnan and Fujian. Present, we presented the Office of the Olomouc Region in the Chinese province of Fujian and cooperation arrangements with our other partner regions, “he added.

Olomouc region this year plans to release in conjunction with the Economic Chamber of the Czech Republic Catalogue major companies Olomouc Region in Chinese. He wants more to promote traditional products of the region to Chinese markets, suggesting the provinces of Yunnan and Fujian participation in selected exhibitions and trade fairs in the Olomouc region or compile a list of travel agencies and other service providers in the tourism sector, which for Olomouc region can deal with partners in both Chinese provinces.

Olomouc Region cooperates with a total of 9 partner regions. Last year, the cooperation with the regions of Yunnan and Fujian in China and deepen cooperation with the Kostroma region in the Russian Federation.

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