About us

Sino – European Cooperation and Development Center (CECDC), signed by President of the Olomouc Region in July, 2012 in Prague (Czech Republic), which with the support of the Olomouc Region will provide all companies and factories, advice on entering a trade not only with China, but also the whole of Europe. The goal is an effective business support in introducing new technology, innovation, science and research, but especially to support small and medium-sized companies looking for opportunities cheaper purchases of goods or materials or vice versa new markets for their products.
Finally, it is also a business development Czech companies on foreign markets in the form of contracts, joint ventures, foreign partners, capital, etc., and through its own network of foreign branches. The business community can use a wide range of services to provide qualified information about the market, to processing the best solution, so-called. “The firm made” in accordance with the overall strategy of the company, its objectives and financial capabilities. The company CECDC also serves as a support, training and assistance in the implementation of official visits from all regions and mutual friendly exchanges. Furthermore, for the development of trade, culture and tourism relations between all regions. The company has rich CECDC, years of experience and personal ties in different countries, thus ensuring complete background and orientation in the locality.


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